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      Illinois Heating & Cooling, Inc. is Your local source for all heating and cooling needs. If your heating or cooling equipment needs to be repaired, we'll be the ones to do it right at low cost. In fact 60% of furnaces or air conditioners are unnecessary replaced by new ones because some companies literally cheat customers about condition of their equipment. What could be repaired for less than 10% of new eqiupment installation costs, is often past over in silence to maximize profits by selling new system.

      If new system installation is justified by really bed shape of old one, Illinois Heating & Cooling, Inc. offer carefully chosen wide range of brand eqiupment with best price to performance ratio. 

    For new construction we offer best engeenierd systems designed for individual needs. 



Types of systems installed, repaired and serviced

    Illinois Heating and Cooling has long experience with all types of systems found in Chicagoland. Forced air, hydronic radiant heat, are the most common. We recommend using hydronic radiant heating, whenever possible- new construction, general remodelling. This are the most energy efficient systems, and comfort of space heated this way can not be achieved by any heating system. 

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